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Hey There. My name is Alex and I'm a fellow Longboarder. I love your boards and everything you guys do. I have been riding the suzie slide through for about 2 years now and its never let me down. Thinkin' about getting another one of your boards to ride around campus. Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for everything and you're a great company. Keep makin' boards and stay awesome.


Built a board out of your Roxie deck! Your customer service is amazing and the quality of the board astounded me. I was so excited, I rode it first, took pictures second! Definitely gonna order again in the future.

I've bought 6 funbox decks over the last 2 years. Each and everyone of them are high quality durable boards. Ive always gotten great service from the funbox folks. Dan and Troy are awesome peeps and they will help answer any skate related questions.

Glenns, VA

Great products and great people.

Forest Park, GA

I won the "free boards for a year" comp. seriously one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Each board is well designed and has its own cool features. I have a different board for each discipline. Great quality and built solid! The wheels are awesome and the Narcos dump thane. Also got my picture in concrete wave magazine. Thank you to Dan and Troy and everyone at Funbox that sorted this out. I am eternally grateful.

United Kingdom

I emailed on a Sunday, got a response in less than an hour, and Dan was seriously the most helpful guy, and even gave me a discount on shipping. Ordered Sunday, shipped Monday, and got to me by Friday. Thanks for everything!


Great customer service. After buying a longboard I didn't end up liking, I returned it and an employee helped me find another board I'd like more. We landed on one and I just got it in the mail and it's fantastic. Cruising around Chicago is tough sometimes because of the bad sidewalks but these boards make it pretty easy. Great company.


bought myself a board from you guys at the beginning of october and i love it, you guys have seriously high quality practical decks, My next board will definately be from you guys!

Mukilteo WA

Picked up our three boards (LTD, Susie, Kray Lite) on the way from Vegas to Mission Beach and Hermosa Beach boardwalks. The crew;  Dan,, Troy, and Gage Churchill let us watch them assemble our boards and applied our requested custom color grip with expert attention.

On arrival to our boardwalk destinations, we experienced smooth, responsive rides. We hit the Mission Beach boardwalk from PB to MB and back, as well as the bayside boardwalk. The boards performed flawlessly.

Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach strand was phenomenal despite the inclement weather. I received several complements on my blaze orange-grip LTD, despite the lack of roadside graphics.

Today, my nephew and I did 7 miles on Henderson, NV Pittman Wash trail and had probably our best ride yet (minus the bikini clad beach volleyball girls in Hermosa and the San Diego Comic-Con clad ladies in MB).

Thank FBD!!!

Las Vegas, NV

I got a squaretail deck for cheap and honestly it seems as good as any brand name deck I've gotten also purchased trucks that I was a little worried about but turned out to be excellent too. I would recommend to anyone especially people looking to get into the sport.

Ramsey MN