You may have seen a post or two on Reddit from your homies at Fun Box. We love to post new stuff on there. Redditors hate it! We get bashed all the time. And frankly, it really doesn’t bum us out. We’ve been at this too long and love skateboarding too much to let “bummers” run tears down our eyes. Seriously, you can do better. Let’s see some real hate. We have already heard the, “they just self promote”, thing over and over. Try something like, “their boards are crap”, or “they don’t even have any pictures on ‘em”, or the lame-asses at Fun Box are a bunch of tore-up old dudes who think they know shit”. Even those are pretty sad. You have our permission to rip us up and try to get us out of this sacred sport. And you won’t be the only ones that want us gone! Landyachtz has been pressing some of our vendors to get us to take down product too! Haha.

You say our “thanks you’s” are no good? We don’t get that one, but hey, 300 orders a day, must mean somebody likes kick ass product at great prices. See the thing is, if we didn’t like skateboarding, we wouldn’t be making new stuff all the time and selling some of the best wood in the game. So we try to show you cat’s our new stuff that we are pretty stoked on. Most companies would say something stupid like “if you don’t like what we post, then don’t read the thread”, but what fun would that be? It bugs me when brands get all butt-hurt by haters on forums. Most brands refuse to even go on there for fear of bad press. The lamo-s at Fun Box don’t really have much to lose, plus it gives us something to read. We love forums and get feedback by reading all of or your posts, good or bad. It’s true, most of our posts are about product (ok, all of ‘em) but we make shit, so what else would we put up, another pic of a dude going down a hill on a board? Don’t you get Concrete Wave for that? We send out a 1000 mags per month, let us know if need an issue. Or how about a shot of a rider throwing hammers? We leave that for you guys. Do you really want to see us post pictures of one of our paid riders? I bet we would get even more beat up from that. So with all the bullshit aside, I have a new challenge and promotion for you, all of you!

We will be running FULL PAGE ads in Concrete Wave Magazine from now on. Want free boards for a year? Send us a picture that you think is worthy and we will publish it, full page in Concrete Wave, with the fun box logo on it of course. We’ll pick one picture for each issue. That’s 7 riders getting hooked up each year. Even if you hate us, you still get a full page ad, promoting yourself, ripping, you can even be riding someone elses board, it’s a chance for you to show the world, what you got. Let’s do this! So seven CATS will get a years worth of boards from FUN BOX. That’s 1 complete each month of any board on our site. Plus we have some pretty sick shit coming out over the next year so it may be worth it! Any takers?


Post your favorite pic of yourself on reddit and send us the link with the words, “ENTER ME” on the SUBJECT LINE. Or just send us the pic and skip the reddit post, it will save you a bunch of hate. Unless you got the balls to take it, then post away, we support you… You get the shots and we will make the goods. We will pic one shot per month to run in Concrete Wave. Each issue, you will get so to see who and what we chose! Good luck. Start sending.