Fun Box Skateboards T shirts

We finally got approved for Amazon Merch which means we can bring you guys some cool T shirts to rep your favorite online skate shop Fun Box Skateboards.

Check this one out at Fun Box Amazon Merch with Front and Back Screened Logo

Fun Box Logo T Shirt Back

Fun Box Logo T Shirt

Bamboo Longboards and Cruisers Back in Stock

Fun Box Skateboards just got a fresh batch of all the killer Bamboo Drop Through Longboards and Cruiser Boards you like.  Head over to the Skate Shop and Check these babies out. Spring is around the corner and your favorite little online skateshop has got you covered.

Fun Box Cruiser Boards

Kray and LTD Longboard Deck Updates

Just a quick update on all the decks we are working on. Sorry about the delay. The Kray longboard is almost ready and we should have them soon.  Thanks to all of you who pre ordered and are being patient to get yours. we will be shipping them out soon. We also just put a new batch of LTD decks in the works and should have them done before the end of the month. Spring is here and we are selling longboards  and skateboards like hot cakes.  I just put a pre sale up on the LTD so feel free to grab one and get on the list before they are all gone too. Thanks to all that have supported us over the years. New skateboards are in the works for spring like the 48 dancer,  Maybe the thrasher and Big thanks will be back soon too. Keep checking back with us. Also if you have not jumped over to the new site yet check it out. its almost done and we hope you will find it better than the current one.

check it out here

Fun Box Skateboards Logo

Reviews, Social Media, Blogs and Posts!!!

Happy rainy monday to all of you. Well at least its raining here in San Diego. So Cal is suppose to be the skateboard capital of the world but not today. LOL! Fun Box Skateboards is getting ready to drop a bunch of new things on you folks.  We always have stuff in the works but its nice to actually drop something now and then right. The New website is just about done. We are working on a few kinks but for the most part its up. Head on over to Fun Box Skateboards and check it out. We would love to know what you think of our New Online Skate shop.  We are looking for content for our social Media and for the website. We will be holding a few new Longboard and skateboard Give away’s  too.  If you have a nice following on Intsagram or Facebook hit us up. Here is a nice review that someone did on the LTD. We are looking for more good reviews like this.  Fun Box Skateboards Likes to keep our prices low so you can afford quality longboards and skateboards at a great price.  One of the ways is we keep our advertising budget low. Because of this we need your help. Please make sure to leave us a good review if your happy on Instagram, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat or any other social media outlet. Also we love you tube videos too.  So by now your asking yourself why is Dan Rambling on again? Well I want to give a board away so here it is. I am going to to give away a free skateboard deck and this is what you have to do. Go on reddit and make a post about the new Fun Box Skateboards website. Send me a link to your post and thats it. I will pick 1 lucky winner on March Friday March 3, 2017. Its just that easy to get your hands on our quality longboards and skateboards. Thanks as always to all who support us.

Prepare to have your mind Blown!!!

Saw this video today and it blew me away. This kid really has it all figured out. Now I know most of you skateboarders and longboard peeps out there are probably much younger than me. I wont say how old I am but I have been riding a skateboard for 30 years. We didn’t have all technology that is available today so maybe this was around but my parents were def no thinking this way when they raised me. When I was a kid all I wanted to do was be a pro skateboarder. That’s all I thought about was skateboarding.  Although I was pretty good, had a few sponsors and won a few contests I just never quite mad it pro. I was fortunate to be able to work in the industry for the last 20 years though. All that I have done in the past has led me right here to Fun Box Skateboards.  Being able to supply kids with quality goods at a great price is very key to the survival of the sport. I love being able to work with skateboards everyday and seeing the future generations come up and change the game.  Any way check out this TEDX Talk by Logan Laplante. I know its a few years old now but WOW. Wish more people thought like this.

LTD and Kray Longboards Update

LTD has just landed on the Fun Box Skateboard shop floor and they are ready to start shipping out friday Feb 3, 2017. We also just put the Kray Drop through longboard decks and complete longboards up for pre sale and hope to have those ready in about 4 weeks. After that I am thinking about bringing the Selma back for a short while and perhaps the Thrasher deck too. What do you guys think? Hit us up and let me know what boards you want to see.

Funbox LTD and Kray Longboards

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