Kray Lite Freeride deck is back in stock

Kray Lite Complete Longboard Skateboard

The Kray Lite is back for a limited time. This is a thin sanded 8 ply drop through longboard with a mild radial concave and small kicktails. It is designed for beginners and lite weight riders under 160 lbs. It is not recommended for hard core free riders but more of a cruiser/commuter longboard with the look and feel of a freeride longboard. If you want a board to do tricks and slides the original Kray is the board for you.  This is a light weight less expensive entry level board for those who don’t want to spend alot.

Longboarding is alive in INDY

TMDIShout out to the Indianapolis longboard scene! We sent some goodies out for the Thomas Mendenhall Downhill Invitational and we got a huge influx of photos from all the guys and girls shredding hard. Here is a pic of what looks like the Funbox Segundas deck in Action with a steezy slide. photo by Deanna Broadbeck.  I dont know the riders name currently but we appreciate all you guys do over there in the midwest. Its becuase of you that we get to do what we love and hook skaters up with great products at affordable prices. #thankyouskateboarding


Happy Memorial Day!


Memorial Day is when remember all of the men and women who have given their lives so we can enjoy the freedom of riding around on our Skateboards, Longboards and Cruiser all day without a care in the world. For that we say thank you to those lost but not forgotten. We also salute the men and women currently risking their lives to maintain those same freedoms and liberties. In the the sprint of the past we give you the 70’s style retro cruiser single kick. Just like those before us we can now cruise the same way on this re make of an old classic. Grab one now in the skate shop and ride off into the sunset…


Worldwide Shipping is Available

We get asked all the time if Fun Box Distribution ships our Longboards and Skateboards internationally and the answer is YES. Although you can order direct through the site we have a partnership with FEDEX now to offer you the best rates we can with the lowest amount of taxes and duties available. If you want a quote on shipping to any country in the world email us and we will be happy to help. We also have several Distributors globally so you can always hit them up too.  Here is a picture of the Simon Longboarding Crew in Russia showing off some of their gear. If you don’t see us in your local shop ask them to carry Funbox products.


Wheelbase Drill Jig now Available


Here is the newest wheelbase jig designed by ChurchillMFG.  This Old School Hole pattern drill jig is sure to please by allowing you to redrill any deck with any and all wheelbase options you could dream of.  Jump over the the skate shop and grab one up. Turn your old broken longboard into a cruiser, Re drill your downhill or Freeride rig to better suit your riding style needs. Made of 6061T Aluminium 100% in the USA.

Longboards are in Stock


Hammer Time!


Here at Funbox Distribution we know skateboarding. I have been a wood pusher for almost 30 years. Way before Longboarding all we had was street decks. What we didn’t have back then were all the insane tricks like this 12 stair crooked grind by  Funbox team rider Victor Castillo. (Photo by Eric Staniford) What we did have was parking blocks and launch ramps. Dont get me wrong those things are just as fun today as they were in the 80’s but I’m sure the feeling of sticking this one was pretty good too. My days of jumping down the big stuff is long over but I still enjoying watching it just as much as the rest of you. In case your wondering about our Super Decks, if they can hold up to this shit that can hold up against any other wood on the market. You be the judge!




Here is a sick Photo of Pro Skogger Steve Meketa mid push hauling ass through Oceanside CA on his Pro Skog 46″ longboard. This photo was taken by Jon Robertshaw  during a photo shoot for  If you want to learn more about Skogging you can check out his website Not only is it fun but its a great form of exercise and a great technique for push races and Long Distance skateboarding.

Crystal Drop Down Deck is Back.


We only got a limited run of this re issue 42″ drop down Longboard deck. This is a 100% USA made 8 ply maple longboard skateboard. It has a 1′ drop with a 7/16″ elliptical concave and 31.5″ wheel base.  From the leader in Skateboard manufacturing for over 20 years. Funbox Skateboards is super stoked to have some of these back on the shelf for you lucky few that will get one.

LTD is now in stock!


The LTD Long Trek Deck  just hit the shop floor today and we will start shipping all the pre orders first. These Longboards  are sure to please and they don’t hang around long so if you have been wanting one and didn’t pre order grab one in the skate shop while you can.

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