Throw Back Thursday


#TBT this is one of the first pics of the popular Bamboo Penny Killer originally brought to us by the fine skateboard craftsman at ChurchillMFG the only true to size and spec maple and bamboo versions of the Plastic Penny Skateboards these boards offer all the same fun and more. These shred-able boards can really be put to the test.  We still offer this baby today and its one of our best selling boards of all time. Perfect for a campus cruiser, checking the local surf or making that munchie run to 7-11.  Jump over to the skate shop today and grab one up for you and a bud. Why not? They are affordable as all heck.  Same great quality and for a limited time they still come with Churchill USA made Red Eye 61mm Cruiser wheels.

Tis the Season

We just got a batch of the best selling 39″ Drop Through bamboo Longboards in stock.  We only managed to get 50 decks pressed up this time so make sure to grab one up before the sell out again. Call in the Jasmine, the NS Drop through or whatever you want but its the same great quality longboard that you have grown to know and love. This deck is 6 layers of Canadian Hard Rock Maple sandwiched between 2 beautiful Bamboo Venneers and cold pressed to ensure strength and durability.  Also did you know that bamboo is one of the fastets growing plants in the world and some of them can grow up to 35″ in 24hr period.  Maple trees can take 10+ years to grow only to 15-20 feet. That’s a long time to wait for a skateboard!


Carbon Street Wood

The fine folks over at ChurchillMFG, ya you know, the ones that make the best skateboards in the world have just dumped a batch of the ever popular Carbon Fiber Topped Street decks off for us to sell. These skateboards have so much POP it should be illegal.  Deck Sizes are limited right now but we have more sizes dropping next week or so.  As always if you dont see what you want hit us up. We always have a few things lurking around the shop.



Gift Certificates Now Available

Just in case you dont know which shred stick that special someone in your life wants doesn’t mean you have to ruin the great surprise that one gets when unwrapping a brand new Longboard, Skateboard or Cruiser. Well fear not as we now offer Gift Certificates available in any dollar amount so if you don’t see it just ask.

GIFTCERTSave time and money by gifting a board without knowing which board to buy!

Web Shop is Open!


It was a long week but we go the skate shop whipped into shape and you can finally find what your looking for. (we hope) There are still some photos we need to take and post but for the most part its ready. Thanks to all the skateboarders out there Long and Short.  Its because of you we are here, and after all we are all on the same team. (are we not?)

Farsh Griptape from Churchill MFG

You know the crew here at funbox loves to bring you the best quality Longboard and Skateboard goods at the best price. We are proud to Introduce FARSH (F*ing Harsh) 36 grit epoxy backed Longboard griptape from Churchill Manufacturing. . Similar to Viscious and Blood Orange only better!!! Dont be fooled by high priced ” name brands”. Scoop up a the FARSH Longboard Grip now in 4 10.5″ x 11″ squares and do it up right. Dont forget to send us your pictures to be featured on our website, Instagram and Facebook.


Learn the art of the switch kick Skog

Steve is teaching another Skog clinic next month at one of our favorite  shops Oceanside Carvers Skate shop make sure you sign up early as the do fill up. If your in the area feel free to stop by the shop and support a skater owned business. The shop is located at 191 S Oak Park Blvd, Grover Beach, CA 93433  (805) 270-4477

skog clinic

Too Legit to Quit

The crew over at Legit Boardshop have put together a podcast to discuss all things longboarding. Jump on over to Legit Podcast and give it a listen. They give their take on everything from shark wheels and other kickstarter projects to their favorite trucks and Longboard shapes. If you like what you hear make sure and follow them. You may even hear funbox or  the mastermind behind ChurchillMFG on there one day soon….

Creativity in Skateboarding

So the internet as you know is full of all kinds of crazy stuff. You can go on the google to find something and spend hours looking at totally unrelated items. I like to look for random skateboarding stuff and there is no shortage of that too. So for today’s random picture I have this super cool light that was made from a skateboard. I think I may try this one in the kiddos bedroom.


 Really the possibility for skateboards in the home are unlimited. Just takes a bit of creativity I guess.


Here is Steve Meketa Skogging across the finish line at yesterdays Adrenalina skateboard marathon. Finishing in 2 hours and 45 min we never claim skogging is faster but certainly Steve could have gone longer. Actually he did another 60 miles after the race. Maybe there is a world record in there somewhere. I will call guinness world records and see about setting up a 24 hr skate. Are you in STEVE?


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