Fun Box is now selling wheels that are 100% MADE IN THE GOOD ‘OL US of A. We have ‘thane coming out of ears over here. The new Churchill White Owls and Red Eyes are in and shipping out right this minute.


How’s this for good news? Churchill 36″ ROXIE 3D Double Kick 7ply Decks just landed! We get asked for this board all time and decided to get a short run pressed up. I will get ‘em posted in the skate shop sometime tomorrow for those interested…


DONE and DONE! We just released the new V2 Brick on the Decks page in the skate shop. If you have been waiting for the original Brick and the bad ass Bacon Brick just wouldn’t do, then check out this hill killer. The brand new V2 is a much more refined machine and features a new Micro Drop Concave with a slight rocker, 3D wheel bumps and CNC machined wells. She offers multiple wheelbase options and small cereal foot pockets in the truck transitions. Pictures don’t due the V2 justice. This is one bad board! In stock and available RIGHT NOW along with several other BRAND NEW un-announced releases. These babies might not last long.



We like to think we offer some of the best skate wood in the board sports industry. It can be a pretty stiff task to keep coming up with brand new shit all the time.  We often ask ourselves, “could there be anything better than making skateboards?”, and the answer is always, HELL NO! So to celebrate the best sport in the world, we are dropping FOUR, yep four, brand new incredible shapes and molds. I should have them posted up by the end of the day and when we get the new Churchill WHITE OWL wheels in, we will turn the completes loose too. Some highlights you might notice in the pic; Rocker, 3D wheel wells (bat wings as we call ‘em), Cereal bowl foot pockets, Flattened truck perches, Kick tails, multiple wheel bases and CNC machined wells :)


We’ve been around skateboarding for a long time and one thing we’ve noticed over the last 15 years is that you don’t always have to ollie a 12 stair set to have fun on a skateboard. Don’t get me wrong, tricks never die, no matter how old you get and Steven Meketa seems to make skateboarding fun, every single day. We aren’t sure if he really even has a job since he seems to always be on a board.

Skateboards have advanced like mad over the last few years. There are so many styles and designs out there that if you are just getting into it, you might get a little confused on where to start. The big brands are always coming up with something new and crazy to help them stay in the limelight. Longboarding has seen hundreds of different concaves and all kinds of weird board ideas like bumps in the middle to all kinds of wacky shapes. And on the other end of the scale is Steve with his classy, flat, no concave board with a little flex. Some would say, “who’d ride that?”. But for Steve, his self designed Meketa deck, is the only board that matters. I thought this is worth sharing since classic board shapes are still as popular as ever and they fit right in on the local boardwalks here in SoCal. You can have fun riding almost any skateboard. So let’s grab what we got and go push…


Check out this super cool mini board build by Apollo on his custom built 3 axis CNC router.


As if we weren’t hookin’ up skaters as it is, and now we have FREE SHIPPING too?  Now there’s no excuse to pass up on that killer deal. So let me get this straight, any size order no matter how big or small is FREE? That’s right. Free shipping is for all USA lower 48 domestic accounts. Also, stand by for our new DEALER page which will have some of our favorite skate shops listed so you have more options to buy great skateboards, fast.


Have you been looking for some motivation to get out and push? To say Steve Meketa lives for skateboarding would be a huge understatement. In all the years we have been selling skateboards, we’ve never come across a dude that puts in as many miles as this guy. Sure there are cats that will do crazy shit like skating across the USA and then take a break for a while. Steve on the other hand is regularly putting in around 55 miles on an average day. Some only ride on “GO SKATEBOARDING”, day, and for Meketa, everyday is only for Skateboarding. We use Steve for huge amounts of inspiration. He doesn’t let the “nay” sayers hold him back. He’s been told that Skateboarding is for tricks and pushing isn’t skating. That would be like saying “Road Biking”, isn’t bicycling. If you push a skateboard, and push hundreds of miles per week, I would say, “KEEP UP” to anyone clowning his style. Help Steve push the Skogging movement and skate more, right now!


When setting up your drop through, you must have “WASHERS” under the hardware nuts. Otherwise you are tightening the hex nut directly against the wood. The wood then stresses and cracks. One small “pop shuvit” and your board snaps. Drop through designs can be weaker in than traditional top mounts. There’s just a little bit of “meat” holding up the board. When you thrash around, the two little fingers of wood between the truck holes and the side of the deck are taking all of the load. However, drop throughs are some of the coolest boards ever made. We have been producing them for over 10 years now and don’t see an end to it. Just remember, be sure to use proper hardware when building up your drop through deck. We sell the very best hardware, almost for free, so don’t skimp out. Use our specially designed and hardened longboard bolts with include backing washers and keep your board as strong and healthy as possible. Just a friendly reminder from your friends at Fun Box…


Check out the new “Thank You” Deck from Churchill. 32″x8.5″x14″ wb. This board has a blunted nose and killer shape. Super good park board and cruiser. Available now in the skate shop.

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