Have you ever been so busy that you can’t even stop to take a hit off your morning coffee? We have been hammered over here. It looks like the cats out of the bag and skaters across the globe have figured out that we have Churchill wood. All of our boards are handmade and hand built one at a time. And for what they fetch off the shelf, no wonder you guys are keeping us busy. The idea behind the Churchill brand was and is, to focus on building good decks and great parts. It looks like we might be pulling it off :)

The phone has been ringing and we are trying to grab your calls as fast as we can. But always feel free to email because we have been known to answer emails all night long (it gives Danny boy, something to do). But even though we are slammed, the clowns here still live and breath this shit and always love to make new goods and ad new flavors to the coffee cart. Take at look at what we have just brewed up for you;

THE CHEYENNE PINTAIL – This is the best pintail shape on the market and the Cheyenne is cut fresh from Pure USA Maple and pressed with a semi-tub concave, deep radius-ed wheel wells and finished with sharp top side rails.

THE KRAY BAMBOO – We know you’ve been waiting for this one. The Bamboo Kray is pressed in a comfortable radial concave with drop throughs and kicktails, plus we finished her with a new school sidewall profile. WOW, another caramelized bamboo jewel in our line up.

THE CHUCK – you asked for this board and we pressed some more. Chuck is a fast speed board made in the shape of a bullet and pressed in 8plys of pure USA Maple with flat sidewalls and sharp top side edges. Chuck also has deep radius-ed wheel wells and made from the very best Maple Veneer in the WORLD!

THE SUZIE BAMBOO – And here is the board that makes life great! Suzie was the industries first production SLIDE THROUGH board. She’s built in an 8ply Caramelized Bamboo construction. Does she look hot or what?

We care about the forest and making products that use the best materials known to man. But everything we do must work to benefit everyone in the chain, from the workers on the front lines to the very planet itself. Sure we have foul mouths and bad attitudes, but that doesn’t stop us from recycling ALL of our cardboard and building boards from sustained forests. We keep our packaging simple and waste as light as possible to help the future and I still believe skateboards to be one of the very best transportation systems on planet. It’s great to see skaters like Steve Meketa pushing hard to make awareness that you can ride your board everywhere. Ya sure the cops are still gonna harass you and people in cars will still drive like shit, but look at all the good we are doing when we skate. First off, we aren’t paying any over priced gas taxes to the State’s greedy ass politicians and we aren’t blowing toxic death fumes out of the back of our boards. And not only that, but your skateboard WILL NEVER GET A FLAT TIRE! Oh ad the local garage doesn’t rape you when you car breaks down. Anyone can fix and repair their skateboard, and shit, it your board is a total basket case, FUN BOX is here to set you up with a new one for less than the cost of a SINGLE CAR TIRE!!! Enjoy your day and skate your fucking weekend away!!! (oops, there’s that foul mouth part coming out again, kids close your ears)



What do you know about chicken nuggets? Are they super good? Do you love Orange Chicken from Panda Express? I think we all do! But one thing that I find interesting is that anything breaded is usually made from Chicken parts and not whole white meat chicken. For me it’s good because otherwise what would they do with all the wasted bird parts? I’m glad they have figured out how to utilize the whole animal and not just throw the “junk” into dog food. It’s not quite”Soilent Green”, but it’s not too far off. If you want “real” chicken, you buy grilled. They save the best meats for the grill. It wouldn’t be too cool if saw a neck vain or a some cartilage poking through looking back as you bite down, would it?

See, these restaurants figured out long ago that you could hide the, “not so pretty chicken”, under breading and if you really want to hide something, smother it in sauce! So it turns out that I have just found the same thing with skateboards. When we offer our boards without graphics, it’s actually more work, and even more costly at times,  than if we just printed ‘em. Because like the breading on your nuggets, graphics let manufactures use lesser quality woods on the bottom and handle the boards a little less carefully because any blems will be covered with a thick graphic heat transfer. We on the other hand, have to select the very best bottom faces and make sure they look as pretty as possible. It’s nearly impossible to totally get rid of the drying rack marks but we do a way better job on the fun box boards than we do if it’s for a customer who will be putting graphics on the boards.

That’s just a fun fact for a Tuesday…


Thanks to Tim from Oceanside Carvers in San Luis Obipso, Steve’s Skog Clinic was a hit over the weekend. Keep an eye on this movement, it is growing fast. With this much passion, custom printed tees and skateboard give-aways, how could this not be a blast! Keep an eye on Steve’s facebook and instagram page for more info and updates on his next event. Great work Steve!


Check out this chop. “SpicySoupSupreme”, took his used up LTD and re-shaped it into this street schralper… There’s nothing better than taking an old board and breathing some new life into it. So if you have a broken drop through or a boring longboard deck just collecting dust in the corner, then a quick pencil trace and jig saw can make it new again. Thanks Matt for sending this in.
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Let’s celebrate the quest for knowledge and carry some free ideas into the weekend.

It’s been hitting me lately just how fast and easy it is to find information these days. We have more resources at our fingertips than ever before. Unlike the old days of dictionaries and channel 8 news, if you have a question, type it into google, and the answer appears instantly. The trick to surviving in today’s world, is DISCRIMINATION. Not the type where you morally pick on someone’s race or social inadequacies, but the kind where you master the skill of deciphering the truth from the lies. Along with information at your fingertips comes misinformation and the proliferation of the EGO, the one true devil! There are so many of us who have opinions and maybe not enough facts to back ‘em up. That’s why we need to hear the story from the whistle blowers, the people who were there and on the front lines. Not from those of us just digesting the daily news and ranting in chat forums about what we think (that’s what websites like this are for).

What is the sacred art I am speaking of and what does it have to do with skateboarding? Truth be told, everything! How the world works is one of the hardest truths to uncover and only second to the eternal question of, “why are we here”. Would you like to have the answers to these questions? I am sure it would be way out of context to express those realities on a site that sells awesome skateboards but why not touch on the subject a little, eh?

We’re surrounded by technology and more notably, MASSIVE UNCERTAINTY. If it’s not some BS world conflict created by the bankers that has us concerned, then there is economic strife, poor quality foods, the quest for better pay and now, on top of it all, EBOLA, a potential population reducing agent.  When my good friend Raffi, from Legit Skate shop and I are emailing about cool topics like these, it reminds me of just how far we have come and the trials and tribulations that still lay ahead.

Though many questions will go unanswered in the world, mostly because the worlds media is manipulated by a few individuals, there is one thing that is certain, WE WILL ALL PUSH FORWARD! It’s really easy to get buried by the struggle. Along side all the cool shit that’s out there like smart phones, ipads, 3D gaming and technology in general, there are many things to be concerned about. The question then becomes, how do we move past it and learn how to see through the smoke?  In the case of world events, one could look at who’s to gain. Generally this is a great way to pinpoint the EGO, or the one who is most hungry for power. The quest for power is the cause of all strife and poverty, it seems. Someone else wants what you have. It’s said that those with money have the power (of course something I know nothing about) and those that control the money supply are today’s rulers. They don’t teach us anything about how money works, in any of our schools. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? It’s one of the most important things in everyone’s life. We stress about it, chase it, work to get it and always want more, yet few know how currency flows and where the stream comes from. If you can print endless supplies of cash, then you don’t have the burdens of wanting more money, so the only thing left, is to maintain the power to print all the cash. This is the state of the world today, dig deep and most will find that there are few real governments (those elected by the people) and the world is controlled by very big central banks that have governments in their pockets. And if they don’t by now, there are plenty of economic hitmen out there that will fix that problem. So to solve the wrongs of the world, we look towards multi-national corporations to see who the real demons are. That’s the foundation. And how we got there was to sift through the how’s and whys. When something is wrong, we can’t look to the alleged leaders for answers, they might just be puppets put in front of us. Good thing it’s Halloween! Trick or Treat?

You are probably thinking that you just been tricked. The title says, “Order of Skate” and I skipped right over skateboarding and went directly into crackpot bullshit that doesn’t matter to us at all. Besides it’s just more opinion and conjecture than fact. So the bankers and insurance companies are bad, so what. Everyone knows this crap by now. What’s it got to do with better Urethane and Hard Maple construction?

You know what skateboarding is all about. It’s the feeling of pushing some real buttery urethane around on some kind of hard pavement. But what lies behind the scenes and who tugs the purse strings in this game? What ideas are solid and which ones are just fluff in the pantie drawer? Some might say that the lifestyle has been built from iconic videos like Bones Brigade and The Search for Animal Chin. Until recently, professional skateboarders where the driving force of how we sell decks. In the early days, skateboarding and the product riden by pros went hand in hand. You could say both were equally important back then. But when skateboarding matured and branding become the most high God, the companies left American factories and went to China for cheaper prices and crapier boards. The first big brands to jump ship, were a little worried that skaters might know how shitty the boards were and rebel, but these brands had no choice, they owed the U.S. factories too much money and had to try the low end boards being made by the factories that supplied walmart and the chain stores. Others were just opportunistic and wanted to save a buck to compete in the game.

At that time, you couldn’t compare a Chinese board to something made here. But when you have no other options, you gotta do something. The flood gates were open. Some of the first big dogs to jump ship and sail abroad were brands like World Industries and Girl. How did they survive the deceit? After all, skateboards were supposed to be made by skaters, not made by sweat shops who care nothing about the product or country that founded the sport! What happened? How did these brands not go under? Did they find the lost key of Solomon? Nope, they witnessed first hand that no one at the time really cared where shit was made. The only thing that mattered was the name on the bottom of the deck. For the first time in skateboarding, the staple brands realized what a powerful tool marketing can be. Thanks to these forward thinking pioneers, China was able to become a leader in skateboard manufacturing and today, some factories are making really good stuff. That’s why most longboard and skateboard decks, wheels, trucks and bearings are made there nowadays. If the product is good and it’s cheaper, SCORE! Problem is that these brands are still charging prices like the product was made here, they didn’t pass on the savings to us. This is where skateboarding has started to resemble the world banks. They exploit cheap labor and charge highly for the product or service by controlling the process. Get control of an industry and you can charge whatever you want. Just keep the prices slightly below “rage” and the people won’t throw you out. Plus, make it cool to have others wear your advertising. When you really break it down, it’s pretty ironic that in the board sports industries, we pay four times more for a tee shirt if it has name on it than a blank one from Walmart. It’s the same shirt but when you swipe a squeegee over the front and it says, “Daimond” or “Volcom”, we will pay handsomely. Social acceptance is a BITCH!!! No wonder these ruling powers have us by the balls, they SHOULD! Don’t let me get off topic here, because dam, if we were smarter and didn’t know the cost of making things, then we too might be able to pull this off. That’s our problem, we come from the trenches, the dark ditch where shit is made and workers grind sawdust into the floors, so by that merit, we wouldn’t know a good marketing campaign if it punched us in the dicks…

I agree with the early skateboard pioneers and look up to them for embracing globalization. So I’m not downing over-seas manufacturing and truly, it doesn’t matter where things are made, someone is getting paid somewhere and a family is fed. What matters is how well products are produced and what the economic ramifications are. Most big companies leave the states to exploit leaner environmental laws and shrug employee benefit programs. When skateboard production left the USA, those of us on the factory floor never expected it to happen. That ignorance and innability for our state to help fight the problem, shut many of us down. The good ‘ol USofA makes it really hard on businesses and those with money and smarts, go elsewhere. In fact some American factories got together and tried to educate the retailer to let them know what was happening and where skateboards were coming from, but guess what, they didn’t care either. To combat it, the brands marketed, MADE IN CHINA, and skateboarders loved it! The “Made in USA” theme would forever be dead in this sport. Then, somewhere after the mass exodus, skateboarding got “boring”. The brands quit caring about the things that built the industry. Things like how imporatant the shapes, designs and quality of boards were to riders. The industry became solely dependent on pictures to sell boards. Even the Pros weren’t helping to move product like they did in the old days. What happened next is something that truly shocked these big graphic houses.

LONGBOARDING! “It came out of nowhere”, so they say. Who would buy a skateboard without a Pro’s name on it? And why would anyone buy a board that can’t, “flip”, they asked?

The big brands, were accustomed to skateboarding being driven by the pros. To make it big as a skateboard company, just buy the biggest name that you can. When NIKE says “Just do it”, that’s exactly what they DID! Then, out of nowhere, Longboarding was born. Longboarding is totally out of phase with what skateboarding is and was. The traditional brands were caught totally off guard and still, most of them, DON’T get it. That’s why these long running Pro based, brands haven’t made too many longboard deck offerings. They see it as dorky and not a long-term trend, just as big sporting goods companies saw skateboarding when it first made it’s way out of garages and into our minds.

Longboarding was created out of the desire to skate and the strength to not be told what to buy and what a skateboard is. Longboarders didn’t care about how many times you could flip a board or how long you could grind a rail. They just wanted to skate and some just wanted to get to where they were going on a skateboard. We’ve learned that brands and Pros come and go, but skateboarding always remains. It’s never died out and when it gets stale, boarders will create new ways to have fun with a skateboard. The only thing that will change are the cool ideas and product designs skateboarders will come up with. It’s doesn’t’ have to be the Pro who dictates where skateboarding goes anymore and what is right and wrong, it can’t be, because most Pros HATE LONGBOARDING, and today longboards are selling better than most others. So if we had leaders in this game, they have been overthrown by the buyers! How do I know Pros hate Longboarding? Because I made many of the pro’s boards and when they found out I pressed long wood, they asked us to keep it hush hush. Now some of those same cats are caring less about what was and are looking towards both industries working together. We have always shared the view that a skateboard can be made to fit any style of riding and it shouldn’t ever be limited to one view.

Right now we are seeing skateboarders who started on a longboard, jump to street decks and skate parks because they want to learn ollies and airs. How’s that for a switch? Those same visionaries who left the USA for their production, didn’t embrace the new direction of skateboarding and surely didn’t think expanding in this category would help them at all, and yet so many skaters are buying longboards as their first board and then growing with the sport. Longboarding is spawning a whole new type of boarder. To skate today, we should have a hole closet full of boards. One for each purpose. Don’t be scared of the skate parks, just get a board that is at home there. And if speed is your bag, the right setup will get you there faster and safer. Is it a cool time in skateboarding or what?

This goes to show you that the people will prevail. We can’t be told what to do or what to think. Even if they use micro wave radiation on us to control our thoughts, the human spirit will break through. Hopefully that same drive that keeps skateboarding progressive, will help to make a better planet and drive the world elite to try and work with us more closely instead of trying to make us sick so the pharmaceutical companies can get rich! Profits matter and this is a very important key to business, but focusing only on making a “buck”, disenfranchises us and we will catch you. Someday mankind will say, “enough is enough”, and with the help of the “Free Press”, the wrongs can be exposed and maybe even righted, or they will shut down the internet and we will be helpless, either way, it can be a new adventure. And remember, when they snap that EMP over our heads and  knock out our computers and cars, your skateboard will still work! I just can’t find one thing bad about being a skater! For the environmentally conscious, it’s green and has a tiny footprint, and for the rebel, it’s still puck rock and way cooler than riding a bike! Shoot, bikes get flats, who wants to deal with that shit!

It’s kinda funny that I tried to tie skateboarding to the evil monarchies of the world, but hey, why not, both have their roots in dark magic and the occult, right? Fraternities are behind many of the powerful leaders and perhaps, those rituals practiced behind giant owls and on checker board floors have the power to build empires. Therefore it could very well be high time to create the very first, ORDER of SKATE”. Wanna join?


Thanks to all of you that entered the FREE BOARDS for a year contest. It was a little tough to pick a winner because you guys sent in some great shots. And it took us a month to go through all the photos. We where really tempted to pick a shot by a female rider but overall, the guys chose Neil from the UK as the lucky dog. The new Concrete Wave magazine is out and we are shipping copies out with orders for decks and completes. Congrats Neil and enjoy the goods!


Wow, did these wheels come out sic or what! We just published the buy it now buttons on what is said to be some of the best park formula wheels this side of the Mississippi. These new Churchill wheels will make your street board feel like you should be competing in Street League. And the best part is that we make them right here in good ‘ol Southern Cali. That’s something that most Street wheel brands can’t say anymore! This isn’t just another skate company yelling, “WE MAKE THE BEST SHIT”, because we are all sick and tired of those claims. It’s time to put up. So with a chemist holding 62 US Urethane Patents and the consultant behind the best wheel factories in skateboarding, we are proud to say that you might not find a better shredding park wheel. The new Street Eyes are pressure molded and “Void-less”, which we never have seen in skateboard wheels before. That’s just a fancy way of saying that all the bubbles which are known to the cause wheel imperfections, are squeezed out under high pressure. Not too mention that these suckers are made with a revolutionary (now that’s sounds like and important word) “cross linking” technology that is patented. Are we lucky to get these wheels or what? So if you have a park board that could use some new tires, then we may just have a set to fit your whip. Street Eyes are cast in 52, 54 and 56mm 101a park formula and we also have new 56mm Street Eyes in our 80a soft KRUZE Formula. Enjoy :)


By now we know you’ve heard of Steven Meketa. This dude pushes more miles than anyone we have ever met in skateboarding. In fact, we find it hard to believe he has time for a family let alone is able to hold down a job. I’m not that out of line when I say he puts in an average of 30 miles a day, ON A SKATEBOARD. And he is pretty picky about what he pushes. When you log those types of flight times, you can believe the feel of the board starts to really weigh in and improvements have to happen fast or it will drive you crazy. Steve prides himself on caring the legacy of the late, great Chris Yandall who passed this year and is the founding father of Skogging. Though many of you are more than familiar with Skogging, I will freshin’ up the def a bit.

Skogging in simple terms, is switch foot pushing. It rightly could be called that but what fun would that be. The idea is to get a full cardio workout and in turn build some much needed coordination which is a pre-req for long distance and endurance skating. One would start out pushing with the regular foot, then for the next push, bring both feet onto the board and transfer over to the oposite foot for the next stride. Then go back and forth. Sound easy? Try it, it takes a lot of practice. Long distance skating is an area that has yet to see it’s day in the sun, but you can bet with Meketa behind the movement it just very well could end up as an Olympic sport someday. I know, I know, many of us “kick flip” guys might not see it, but then again, they used to tell me that snowboarding was a trend and would die out. With all that said, skateboarding needs Skogging to make commuting on a board efficient. Imagine trying to ride a bike with one foot. It’s the same thing as pushing a skateboard with one leg. Eventually it will make sense. But for now, Steve is the lone soldier of this movement and we are stoked to support him and watch where he takes it.

Just like bicycling, your equipment is very important. Especially for something like distance skating. So since we are the only ones out there pushing the Skogging movement, we have been playing around with all kinds of boards to try and build just the right model. We are on our fourth generation skogging board now and Meketa has has just discovered the new Bacon Brick. He is “high” on this board. Steve says the new Bacon Brick is the ultimate Skogging machine and asked if we would be cool with him endorsing it as such. To say he has fallen in love with the board would be a huge understatement. You should see the text messages our phones get everyday from him as he logs countless miles on this thing. I hope his lovely wife, Megan and super cute baby get as much attention :)

So as of this post, it is official, the Bacon Brick is now the MEKETA BACON PRO SKOGGER. Is that a mouth full or what! In fact, I can’t stand it, all this typing has me all hyped up and it’s time to get mine out and go find some lonely pavement to abuse. Don’t forget to wave as you pass Steven on his commute to work!


There’s a lot of commotion out there about graphics these days and rightly so. Skateboarding has been built on cool pictures since the 80′s. Some say without graphics, skate decks won’t sell. Of course it’s 180 degrees out of phase with what we due here at Fun Box but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a little killer artwork here and there. Especially when we see what those of you with some skillz can due to the bottom of a skateboard. Here’s a small shot of some Penny Killers on display at a local Wisconsin show put on by Brian Curtis’ and Bigfoot Bike and Skate Shop. Thanks for sending these in :)


WARNING – this post may be really dorky! Continue at your own risk…
So today, after lots of board building, I decided to make a run to the store to get a few supplies. My journey landed me at Walmart. You may have heard of this little “mom and pop” retail outlet before. If not, haha, you should go check one out. Some of you may hate Walmart, others, like myself for instance, love this place. One of the reasons that shoppers give blow black to the huge mega chain establishment is because it’s said that these stores take jobs away from Americans and have killed the small specialty brick and mortar retailer. Of course we hear that exact same thing from skateboard brands so maybe this hits home a bit. So as I pulled into the parking lot, I snatched a front row space and entered through the back, you know the “secret gardening”, entrance. Once inside, I grabbed a cart and a free handy wipe, cuz dam, have you seen the peeps that shop in these places, and proceeded to procure the goods.

Now I gotta say that I’m not much of shopper but if you can pass all those center islands blocking your direct access to the part of the store you are trying to get to, without buying anything, then you are one focused consumer, cuz I sure can’t. As I get to the stationary isle, I notice my cart was half full already, and I didn’t come for any of that shit. Like the drinking cup with a built in straw for 98 cents? Who could pass that up! Then I saw that Halloween candy is in season and I snatched a few random bags, just in case an early “treater” pops in.

After all was said and done, I skipped outa there leaving a tiny $117 dollar bill behind. Now that is some pricey printer paper! I thought this place was known for it’s bargains. But here is where things get serious and I made a life changing revelation.

As I’m in the checkout line, I watch the the cashier as she jokes and plays with the kiddos in front of me (ya ya, I am sure some of you are screaming pedophile). She had a very deep voice and very strong 5’0-clock shadow. She was making fun with a British accent and speaking about the movie, “frozen”, with the little ones. As I pull up to the register, she still has her giant smile on her face as the cute little girls walk away. Now it’s small talk time. And I dive right in, we spark up a conversation about how lottery winners end up blowing all their winnings and become more unhappy then before they got all the cash. What a random topic, right? When we parted ways and ended the banter, it hit me! In a flash of a second, I saw a hole different world. I mean, I thought everyone said Walmart workers were mistreated and underpaid. Yet every single time I go into this place, the cashiers are always so nice and most of them even smile!

That’s when I realized just how many, “THANK YOU”, emails we get daily. Of course there’s the, YOU GOT MY ORDER ALL WRONG, emails too, but  the positive ones still win out! Now I don’t know how many other skate companies get this many, “keep up the good work”, type emails, but I can tell you that we are truly thankful that some skaters are stoked on what we stand for. Then I decided it’s high time start paying it forward.

So my big, AH HA moment, and idea to help make the world a better place, in addition to selling kick-ass skateboards to us blue collar boarders, is to take a step back and send out some physical thank you letters to the companies and people that make a difference in my daily world. So here’s my “shopping list”; first off, I am writing to Walmart and sending them a big thank you. They help me save money all the time and the staff is always there to help. I am sure they would love to hear it because, I feel they are attacked so much, and they probably deal with nothing but complaints all day long. It’s gotta be hard to keep on working to give us broke ass bastards, a place to call home and snap up that fair deal on just about everything, and take unhappy shoppers, “POOR ME”, comments all the time. Yet the ones who take the brunt of it, the warriors on the front lines, the CASHIERS, still manage to smile and make small talk with anyone who wants to join in. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s pretty fucking awesome!!!

Then there’s Cal Trans. Ever heard of ‘em? They make the roads here in So Cal. The ones we all drive on every single day without ever thinking of what it was like only 100 years ago when everyone drove on dirt. Can you image the 15 freeway with all the traffic on a Monday morning commute without asphalt? There’d be a cloud of dirt so big, you’d see it in Virginia. I bet very few of us sends them anything “happy”, ever! They probably just get complaints about potholes and debris damaging their cars on the drive to work. Plus without all the beautiful concrete, we couldn’t skate from one end of the country to other. We owe these guys and it’s time to let them know it.

Next is the local water authority, without these cats, there’d be no hot showers and no toilets. How many write to ‘em and say, “THANKS FOR THE AQUA”? Again, I bet not too many. And the list goes on. We need to give thanks to local police departments too. Yes, they do more than just give tickets and harass skaters. Most are really good dudes and gals just doing their daily grind much like the cashiers at Walmart. They are people too and deal with nothing but complaints all day long. Do you think they might like to get a big, THANK YOU FOR PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE, once in a while? I bet they would. Next is our Military. Generally they are more liked by the elderly who have seen real heartache and strife, than by the youth of America, but they still work hard to protect our way of life. Just ask one next time you seen a man or woman in uniform. They unanimously believe in the cause and the constitution (yes I am aware of the NASA papers and elite’s plan to control us), but that doesn’t change the efforts of those here on the ground (or bottom of the pyramid as some occultists might say).

Are you still here, I didn’t run you off with this, “love the world and there are no issues”, type attitude that I’m throwing out? Well right on and thanks for hangin’ in. You just became a little less cool with every word you read :) After all, Skateboarding is about being tough, and throwing finger to the wind. But every once in a while, it’s OK to look around and be thankful for so much cool ass shit. I’m super thankful for roads, running water, toilets, paper, hot water, electricity, cell phones, digital cameras, the internet and vacuum cleaners. What are you thankful for?

So here’s to those of you who have helped us to realize all the cool things in the world. Of course nothing is cooler than skateboarding and that’s why we love it so, but it takes a lot of support from other industries to allow us to do what we do. Thank you to everyone reading this and for the job you do in the world. We are probably all part of the same whole and for sure, stuck on the same rock so let’s skate the piss out of it, before the global elite start charging for air :)


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