Have you been looking for some motivation to get out and push? To say Steve Meketa lives for skateboarding would be a huge understatement. In all the years we have been selling skateboards, we’ve never come across a dude that puts in as many miles as this guy. Sure there are cats that will do crazy shit like skating across the USA and then take a break for a while. Steve on the other hand is regularly putting in around 55 miles on an average day. Some only ride on “GO SKATEBOARDING”, day, and for Meketa, everyday is only for Skateboarding. We use Steve for huge amounts of inspiration. He doesn’t let the “nay” sayers hold him back. He’s been told that Skateboarding is for tricks and pushing isn’t skating. That would be like saying “Road Biking”, isn’t bicycling. If you push a skateboard, and push hundreds of miles per week, I would say, “KEEP UP” to anyone clowning his style. Help Steve push the Skogging movement and skate more, right now!


When setting up your drop through, you must have “WASHERS” under the hardware nuts. Otherwise you are tightening the hex nut directly against the wood. The wood then stresses and cracks. One small “pop shuvit” and your board snaps. Drop through designs can be weaker in than traditional top mounts. There’s just a little bit of “meat” holding up the board. When you thrash around, the two little fingers of wood between the truck holes and the side of the deck are taking all of the load. However, drop throughs are some of the coolest boards ever made. We have been producing them for over 10 years now and don’t see an end to it. Just remember, be sure to use proper hardware when building up your drop through deck. We sell the very best hardware, almost for free, so don’t skimp out. Use our specially designed and hardened longboard bolts with include backing washers and keep your board as strong and healthy as possible. Just a friendly reminder from your friends at Fun Box…


Check out the new “Thank You” Deck from Churchill. 32″x8.5″x14″ wb. This board has a blunted nose and killer shape. Super good park board and cruiser. Available now in the skate shop.


Hope you guys had a great 4th! We celebrated the good ‘ol American tradition of BBQ and beers with a little pushin’ mixed in.
Here’s a little artwork to some up what the weekend was for. Thanks for sending this in, Sam.


Happy 4th of July Weekend to you all! I know a lot of you think the good ‘ol US of A is all messed up, and I would agree! This country could sure use some help. I would suggest that the two biggest problems in our great nation are the federal reserve and the bar association. They pretty much seem to run the land ’round these parts. I am told that if the country took back it’s right to print it’s own money and close the fed, every American would instantly get a 30% raise. But who could know, likely the attorneys and the banks are here to stay. It’s no doubt that there a thousand ways that we could work better as a country. Some would say for us stay out of foreign affairs, others might be for bringing manufacturing back to the home land, but at the end of the day, America is one pretty bad ass place to live. Let’s be honest, we have given birth to some pretty cool sports. You’ve got snowboarding, mountain biking, BMX and of course Skateboarding, just to name a few. And I think after all is said and done, we should be thankful for those things and even more importantly, refrigerators to keep our beer cold and pavement to get us to our skate spots without choking on dust. So here’s to you America, HAPPY 4th of JULY and to the 52 men that put their lives on the line and signed that famous declaration.

And to celebrate your friends at Fun Box are throwing you a smokin’ 4 day deal on the new Combi Killer complete! It’s set up with Fresh Churchill Fun Shape Deck, Hand polished 9″ Indy style trucks, ABEC 5 bearings, Killer grip and Churchill 101a Black Out USA made 56mm wheels. Imagine rippin’ up your local park on this ‘whip…


It’s seems skaters have figured out how good Churchill’s Snake Oil Bearing Lube really is. We are blowing through cases of this stuff. So what is it that makes Snake Oil the better choice for your precious bearings? Well, first off, it’s not just re-packaged oil from the automotive industry like most of the junk that’s out there. This formula was built with a purpose and real understanding of what a bearing wants in it’s diet. Not to say that car engines don’t need good oil, but on something small and precise like a skateboard bearing, viscosity and tact are very important.

First, the most important thing to note about Snake Oil is that is was formulated by a pretty high up engineer that works with aerospace companies like Lockheed. We asked if he had something in his secret projects book that would be exceptional for high demanding precision assemblies. Like a lubricant but with wear and rust protection mixed in. In the end we ended up with not only a highly lightweight and slippery formula, but we were able to add modifiers to it for protecting the metals. One of the biggest killers of skateboard bearings is rust and just adding oil to a bearing alone, won’t make it last. Water will get in and once the cage and races start rusting, it’s over! So the secret Snake Oil formula with rust preventatives mixed with it’s proven aerospace heritage should make it your first choice for speed building bearing food!


Just in – We have finished up a run of the NEW Kray Lite Drop Through Double Kick Longboards. This new Deck design features our own Wormwood Maple Construction which is lighter and has a cool patina-ed look matched with a polished lacquer finish. She comes in at 39″ x 9″ with a 26″ wheelbase. We also prepped this board with New School Rounded Sidewalls for the freestyle street deck feel. Available now as Complete or Deck only.


We just added some more Street Completes. Get the best skateboard your local park can handle. These new upgraded completes feature Churchill Super Decks with Fun Pro Street wheels, ABEC 3 bearings and Silver Trucks. Nothing skates better! Available in sizes 7.75″, 7.87″, 8.00″, 8.12″, 8.25″, 8.37″, 8.5″ and even 8.75″


With all the cool grip tape colors we have, you can create some pretty sic tape jobs. What stops a lot of us from using colored grip on our longboard decks is that we make it only in 34″ x 9″ wide sheets. Most longboards are over 9″ wide and well over 34″ long. So to solve this simple hurdle, buy two sheets and a razor blade to ad some splits and stripes. It never hurts to mix up colors and designs. And if you think about it, skate companies always put the graphics on the bottom of the board but we spend all of our time on top of it, looking down. So why not wake up your deck and brighten your ride :)
This is also a great way to use up those left over scraps from your last board build.


We just got in a new shipment of Triumph 180 Reverse Kingpin Longboard trucks. They are a true rake-less design which helps increase stability. Dress up your next board with a pair of these beauties.

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