Long Trek Mini is back for a limited time

Funbox Skateboards LTM Long Trek Mini Deck

Funbox Skateboards is dropping a limited run of the popular LTM Long Trek Mini Double Drop Longboard this week. We only have about 20 of these available so make sure to grab one up.  Its the Little sister to the LTD coming in a bit shorter at only about 38.5″ this great little board is 8 ply American Hard Rock maple and made 100% in the USA. Funbox loves dropping new wood and you know its quality so don’t hesitate on this one.

Pre Order Now Boards shipping in the next 7 days.


Keep it Moving

Fun Box Skateboards Abec 9 Bearings

Here are Fun Box Skateboard Distribution we pride ourselves on offering quality skate goods at an affordable price. I mean you have come to expect that from us and we do our best. We are here to say we have done it again. Here is the release of the Fun Box Abec 9 Precision Skateboard bearings. They are made of the highest quality and will fit on your axle with less slop than most bearings you will find out there.  They come with a light coat of grease so don’t expect them to free spin right out of the tube but we assure you that when they get going you will be pleased. These bearings will come standard on all our completes from here on out as well. Make sure to jump over to the skate shop and grab up a set or 2 shit, the price cant be beat!!

For a limited time we will give a set of Free Bearing spacers with each purchase of the new Fun Box Abec 9 Bearings.

1 SET $12.98 (8PCS + Spacers)


Which way is up?

Stoked Longboard truck Guide

Longboarding is awesome but it can also be very overwhelming to someone who doesn’t quite know what is up. What is out there?What is right for me? What is the differences? Well the guys over at Stoked Skateboards are doing their best to answer all your questions. If you remember a while back they did a nice little piece about wheels and all the differences, well they are back with an insane comprehensive guide to trucks. We here at Funbox skateboards have been in the business of skateboarding for a long time and we even learned a few things after reading this one. Here is a link to the complete Ultimate Longboard Truck Guide.  Remember it, write it down, take a picture. We are all about sharing knowledge and spreading the Stoke, I mean who else would plug a competitors website right? So make sure and check  out the website and get your edumacation on! But then come on back.!!

Thanks again to the guys over there for putting these things out. Keep up the good work.

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New Longboards in stock

Funbox LTD and Kray Longboards

Fresh from the factory is another shipment of your favorite USA made Hard Rock Maple  Longboards from Fun Box Skateboards. YES the LTD Long trek Deck and the KRAY are back in stock and shipping this week. The completes are only $104.99 with 70mm USA made ATOBE Freeride Wheels and Free Shipping.  If you have been waiting for these grab one as they are selling fast. You know the good stuff doesn’t stick around long so don’t sleep on this limited drop.

Steven Meketa Funbox Skogger

Here is a picture of Pro Skogger Steve Meketa showing off his new Pro Model deck we printed with our new anti slip process. He did a photo shoot with IRA Impact Reduction Apparel recently. You may have seen them on CNBC’s Show make me a million dollar inventor. They are changing how we look at safety equipment and are slated to be in stores globally real soon. Steve is loving his new board and we will be offering the process to anyone who wants to put their own artwork on a deck as well as a few staple Fun Box Skateboards Designs we will be dropping soon.  Shout out to Steve, IRA and CaliLife Photography.


Funbox Anti s

Here is another peek at our new printed anti slip surface. This is not a replacement for griptape in the conventional sense however its perfect for Cruisers, Carving, Dancing, Skogging or just having fun. Its a high qualtiy digital print on a vinyl type surface with some anti slip properties.  You could certainly put it on the bottom of your board too how ever it is better suited for the top as you can really enjoy the design of your longboard or skateboard while you ride it. We are still working on the program but if your interested hit us up. The price is about $100 (board not included) for a printed sheet  that is 48″x10″ and can cover most longboards and dancers. Shorter boards will cost a bit less. You can buy the sheet from us and apply it or buy it from us with one of our boards and we can put it on for you. We can print it smaller for cruisers and longer if you so desire. We get asked all the time about putting custom artwork on a board and now we can make that happen.  You can take a photo of your favorite spot, your city. your girlfriend, wedding party, the beach or design something on the computer. You can always put clear grip or spray on over it if you desire a more grippy surface. Either way its UV protected, doesnt get super dirty and you can clean it too.

More favorites on the way

Funbox Skateboards LTD and Kray

Just a quick update on some of your favorite longboards here at FunBox Skateboards. The Factory is working hard to get the next batch of LTD and Kray decks done ASAP. We will have a better idea of exactly when next week so just enjoy the long weekend and shred hard. We will be taking pre orders soon and you can always email us and get on the list too. Happy Labor day to all and have a good time out there but remember to skate safe!!


Dont Miss Out

We are gettinglow on the Suzie slide through Longboards and when they are gone it may be a while before we see her again.   Dont be fooled into overpaying for the same deck just becaus it has a graphic on it. Funbox is about skateboarding and we want to help keep you rolling. This is a 100% USA made 8 ply american hardrock Maple Longboard and you will not be sorry you added this one to your quiver. Great board for crusing or freeride with the stability of a drop through, a slightly lower foot platform and the ease of the slide through so you dont have to take your trucks off to switch them out. Not to mention the 28.25″ wheel base makes it turn extremely smooth.

Super Street Decks

Fun Box Skateboards street decks

Make sure you check out the Fun Box Super Street Decks. They are 100% Canadian Maple and Cold Pressed in CNC cut molds for precision concave and durability. We have all sizes ranging from the penny killer to our combi and everything in between. Check out Victor Castillo crushing shit around LA daily on our Wood.

Raven Top Mount Double Kick



If your looking for a great Top Mount Double Kick longboard the Raven is for you. 8ply American Hard Rock Maple and cold pressed in CNC cut molds right here in the good old USA. 38.5″ Long with a 26″ wheel base this is a great board fro freeride, tricks or just cruising the streets. Complete with 180mm RKP trucks, Abec 9 Bearings and Atobe 70mm 80a Freeride wheels.  These boards wont last long so grab one up.  Funbox Skateboards are just that FUN!  We make quality Skate goods affordable so you can ride more and spend less.


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