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Funbox distribution order updateThe Ltd Decks are in stock and shipping again. All Back orders are on the way so thanks for being patient with us. Funbox Skateboard Distribution knows you guys want to be out there ripping now that spring is here and you hopefully have a tax return burning a hole in your pocket!! Thanks for the support!!!

Over sold on the LTD

Kanye West skateboards

So on occasion we here at Funbox Skateboards make a boo boo or two. It doesn’t happen often but hey we are all human. We still are the best little skateboard shop on the web right? I mean where else can you get such high quality skateboards and skateboard accessories at such a great price. So I guess its worth the wait right.  Fact is that the LTD is such a popular Longboard you know we have trouble keeping it in stock. We actually had a run on them and sold out. WTF you say!!! Don’t worry more on the way soon so please hold tight. If you ordered one then your good, you are on the list and if you wait long enough we may make it worth your while.  We are leaving the buttons up so go ahead and get one while you can cause its first come first serve. Thanks to all as always for the support you give us day in and day out. We appreciate the #fanluv and make sure to add us on snap chat and insta.

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Click the link and show some support for Lisa and Troy and to  honor Gage Paul Churchill

For the Love of Gage

Without the Churchill Family there would be no Funbox Skateboards. Buy a shirt, make a donation and help make a change!

F%*k Cancer

Custom Printed Deck

Funbox skateboard distribution

Here is another deck fresh out the print shop.  This 42 bamboo drop through Longboard was set up with some Paris trucks and Shark wheels. The print came out perfect though and the customer was stoked. Funbox Skateboard Distribution has the ability to put your art on a skateboard.  One of prints are a bit more costly but sometimes its worth it. We are always testing new materials and hoping to be able to offer more things like this in the future.  Hit us up for a quote on your custom printed deck today.

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