160MM Rk2 Reverse Kingpin Trucks



A fresh shipment of 160mm RK2 Reverse Kingpin Longboard trucks have just arrived in the shop.  If you want a great turning truck that’s also stable at high speeds than these are for you.  Made from Gravity Cast, 6061 T6 Virgin Aluminum these trucks are strong enough to take the abuse without being so heavy that the weigh you down. Check out a pair today in the web shop.

Got Wheelbase Options?



We get tons of emails asking about Uncuts and for now they are still not available for sale although we are working to get some back hopefully by summer. In the meantime we still have all the stuff a board builder needs like Hardware, Griptape, Trucks, Wheels etc… If you need bulk items to build your own longboard, skateboard or Cruiser or need supplies for your skate shop hit us up too. Also don’t forget about the Churchill MFG Drill jig if you want to add wheelbase options to your current shred sled. Doesn’t matter if you want to add more to your current ride or recycle that broken freeride deck by chopping it up and making a new skateboard out of it. This Drill Jig is the perfect tool to make sure everything is straight. made from hardened Steel this will ensure your holes are accurate and straight giving you the best ride possible. I know what your thinking… I dont need that I can use my base plate and your right, you can. But if you want to do the job right this is the what you need.  Jump over to the shop and grab one today.


Purple Griptape in Stock


We just got a heap load of purple griptape back in stock. The winter can be harsh on your skateboard and your griptape can get super dirty really fast. Now is the time for some spring cleaning and nothing is better than a fresh sheet of griptape on shred stick. If you want to take the old grip off your skateboard use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm it up and it will peel right off. Then slap down fresh sheet of black or any color that makes you feel happy. Heck buy all the colors and make a cool design. Post your video on You tube and send us the link. maybe we will hook one lucky skater up with some goodies!

Randall Trucks are back


Randall Reverse Kingpin trucks are back in stock for a limited time.  For as long as most of you have been alive Randall has been making some of the best Reverse Kingpin Longboard trucks in the world. They are one of the last trucks to be made right here in the USA.  The Geometry on these bad boys are on point and so is the construction. We did however replace those shitty Axel nuts with some of our better quality nuts so you skate rest assured you will be rolling safe on these.  We have tried many trucks here at Funbox Skateboards and we feel these are the best bang for your buck. Grab a set while you can.

Slithering Slytherin


That good Ole Slippery Bearing lube is back. The ChurchillMFG snake oil is what you have been asking for. I could seriously bore you with all kinds of technical data on how the bearing lube as a super cross linking agent and is also a high end rust preventative (not that we ever condone getting your bearings wet) or how it holds up better under high temperatures yada yada yada. The truth is its just some good ass lube for your skateboard, longboard or whatever you need to lube that has wheels of course.

Combi Killers


Winter is still hanging around in most parts of the country. If your like us we need to skate all the time no matter what the weather is. If your lucky enough to have an indoor park near by then this is the board for you. Kill the indoor bowl,  vert or street it doesn’t matter what your riding this Combi Killer will do the trip. Made from Canadian Rock hard maple this board is cold pressed for strength and durability. It measures 31.75″ x 9″ wide with a 14.5″ wheelbase. Jump over to the skate shop and pick one up today.

Kray is back in Stock


The ChurchillMFG Kray is back in stock and for sale in the webshop. This 39″ Drop Through Double Kick Longboard is perfect for Freeride, Sliding, Carving and just plain having fun.  Made of 8 ply American Hard rock maple this longboard can withstand all the abuse your ready to give.  The wait is over but act fast cause Longboards from Churchill never stick around too long. Jump over to the skate shop and grab a deck or a complete today!



The ChurchillMFG Narco wheel is here. I know it is long awaited and its a bangin ass slide and freeride wheel.  Why is it so cheap you ask? Well the artist who did the logo was hitting the hookah a bit too heavy I guess and spelled Churchill wrong. (oops) Really though who cares as the graphic falls off anyway right? This happens all the time and most people don’t notice especially if your staring at a computer all day but it does and it sucks for them but good for you.  So check it, grab a set or 2 and shred them.  If you don’t like the graphic you can turn them inside out or with a bit of Acetone and a rag these babies will wipe clean. Either way  for $22 your cant afford to pass them up. maybe grab an extra set and collect them. Maybe it will be worth some money some day and if not hey you still got a sick set of 100% USA made wheels for a fraction of what the other guys are selling them for. Don’t sleep on this deal cause they wont last long!!!!

Churchill MFG LTD IS BACK!!!!


Just got word from the factory and tomorrow we should be getting a limited run of ChurchillMFG LTD decks in stock for you.  As you know Churchill decks dont stick around long so grab one up while you have the chance.  Also check out the LAX Longboards we put up for sale as there is a full graphic LTD in the line up too. Its a bit more expensive but the printing process is insane and you will surely shit when you see and feel it. Also hit the LAX Website for more information.  LTD is for sale in the shop now!

Penny Killers on the Loose



So ya its still winter every where but here in Cali it has been pretty nice lately.  If your looking for a fun little board to ride or need something when you start back to school then check out the Penny Killer. This is the exact dimensions of the ever so popular Plastic Penny boards but made of real wood. We offer it in Maple and Bamboo and they are super shred-able skateboards without the worry of snapping them. Believe me I have seen some serious tricks go down on these babies both in the warehouse and on the streets. The only difference between them is the looks of the wood.  A skateboard or “cruiser” of this size really has no flex so there really is no performance differences and its all about the looks.  I mean its on the inside what counts (at least that’s what mom says) but we all know that if the cover doesn’t catch our eye at first we are not picking up that book.  So no matter if you shred the shortboard or love longboarding we can all agree that cruising is fun and the penny killer is all about fun!!! Available now in the skateshop with 3 wheel color options to choose from on the complete version and we will even throw in a few stickers for you.


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