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We are gettinglow on the Suzie slide through Longboards and when they are gone it may be a while before we see her again.   Dont be fooled into overpaying for the same deck just becaus it has a graphic on it. Funbox is about skateboarding and we want to help keep you rolling. This is a 100% USA made 8 ply american hardrock Maple Longboard and you will not be sorry you added this one to your quiver. Great board for crusing or freeride with the stability of a drop through, a slightly lower foot platform and the ease of the slide through so you dont have to take your trucks off to switch them out. Not to mention the 28.25″ wheel base makes it turn extremely smooth.

Super Street Decks

Fun Box Skateboards street decks

Make sure you check out the Fun Box Super Street Decks. They are 100% Canadian Maple and Cold Pressed in CNC cut molds for precision concave and durability. We have all sizes ranging from the penny killer to our combi and everything in between. Check out Victor Castillo crushing shit around LA daily on our Wood.

Raven Top Mount Double Kick



If your looking for a great Top Mount Double Kick longboard the Raven is for you. 8ply American Hard Rock Maple and cold pressed in CNC cut molds right here in the good old USA. 38.5″ Long with a 26″ wheel base this is a great board fro freeride, tricks or just cruising the streets. Complete with 180mm RKP trucks, Abec 9 Bearings and Atobe 70mm 80a Freeride wheels.  These boards wont last long so grab one up.  Funbox Skateboards are just that FUN!  We make quality Skate goods affordable so you can ride more and spend less.


Roxie 36″ Freeride Complete Longboard

Roxie Double Kick Longboard

Only $99.99 with free shipping this Roxie 36″ Double Kick Complete Longboard is a Freeride Beast. Comes Complete with TKP trucks and 90a USA made bushings, 70mm 80a Atobe USA made Freeride wheels, Precision ABEC 9 bearings, Spacers, Griptape, 1/2″ Risers and 1.75″ Skateboard harwdare. You cant a buy a better American made skateboard for less guranteed. This is an 8 ply American Hardrock Maple board and its cold pressed in CNC cut molds. This deck also has Semi Tub Street concave, 3D wheels wheels and symmetrical double kicks for an ultimate freeride expierence.  Oh yes and these wheels will leave thane lines for days!!


Upgrade Kit on sale for Back to School


Funbox Skateboards Back to School Sale

So we decided to give you a little deal to make back to school a bit easier.  You may not want summer to end but at least you can ride back in style. Here is a killer upgrade kit for your Longboard or Cruiser. You get a set of 180mm RKP Longboard Trucks, Atobe 70mm x 80a USA made wheels, Aluminium Precision Bearing Spacers, Precision abec 9 bearings, Axel nuts and speed rings for the all time low price of $54.99 and we got FREE SHIPPING for you.  That’s 40% off the regular price and one heck of a deal. Grab one up today becuse we wont be offering anything this good for a long time.

Funbox Skateboards Upgrade Kit

UPgrade Kit $54.99


Back to School! What???

Fun Box Square Tail CruiserWell its that time of year again. Yes back to school. Cant even believe summer is almost over. Never enough time to get out there and skate. we were so busy this summer hooking up skaters with sick deals we barely had time for the beach. We are spoiled though becuase summer in San Diego is just starting and we will have insane weather for the next few months. Any I know you hate going back but at least you can make a statement on campus with our Penny Killer Cruiser boards and Square Tail Cruisers. Here at funbox we want to hook you up so if your down just hit us off with whatever color you want and we will make it happen for you no extra charge. If you buy a Cruiser and want pick or cammo or even a mix of both. Funbox Skateboards sells fun!! Cruisers, Skateboards or longboards we have your back to school Skateboard needs. If your not sure what board to get feel free to hit us up and we are happy to help pick the right one for you. So get out there and shred those hills one more time. Build a fire and make s’mores or roast some hot dogs. Thanks for the support! We are here becuase of you and we appreciate what the skateboard and longboard community does for us!!


Do you sponsor skaters?


Funbox Team rider Victor CastilloPeople ask us all the time if we have a team and sponsor skaters. Well the answer is yes we do. Although our team is not huge we do spnosor a few guys such as Victor Castillo seen here with a Kickflip over the rail.  Funbox Skateboards is a small little distribution and online retailer and we like to think we sponosr everyone by offering the best quality skateboard and longboard products at the best price. With over 20 years in skateboarding we hope we have learned a few things about manufacturing and the needs of todays skateboarders and Longboarders. We try not to break your bank so you can spend less and skate more.  We are always looking for the next team rider so feel free to sends us footage because you never know. For now though we have small team so we can keep our prices low. We appreciate your support and thank you for shopping online with us or selling Funbon Box Skateboards in your shop.


New Thane Available

Atobe 70mm 80a Freeride wheels

Just off the press we will be shipping these new ATOBE 70mm 80a Freeride wheels this week. These wheels are 100% USA made with a stone ground 30mm contact patch for amazing slides and thane lines for days! Grab a set up fast because as you know products dont stick around to long here at FUNBOX DISTRIBUTION!

1 SET $33.98

Fun Box Distribution Longboards

Here is a better view of all the new 100% USA made Longboards we just got in stock from the factory.  Summer is here and these 8 ply American Hard Rock Maple Longboards will not be around long. These are the same great boards you have grown to love from FunBox Skateboard Distribution over the years and we are happy to sell them to you at a price you can afford. They are all up in the webshop for sale now. All orders come with free stickers and completes come with a free Concrete wave magazine and also a free GIANT FunBox Sticker while supplies last.

New Wood for your Feet


Fun Box Skateboards roxy douoble kick Longboard

Just got in some fresh new wood. This is the ROXIE 36″ Double Kick with 3D wheel bumps. 100% USA made from 8 Ply American Hard Rock Maple.  36″ x 8.75″ with a 16.25 Wheel base and 24″ Standing Platform. This is a great Longboard for anyone who wants to Slide, Ollie or shred the Local Park. We also got the Raven  the Crystal and a ton more of the LTD so Funbox Distribution is fully stocked on all your favorite Longboards. Grab on up today while supplies last!



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